Our heart is huge for volunteers to come and join us, because we have seen the positive impact made and the benefit entailed on volunteers themselves; being able to reach out servicing in communities which makes a difference on some one’s life.

We are looking for individuals (qualified and aspiring to qualify or not qualified practicum students, gap year students).

  •       Occupation therapists
  •       Speech therapist
  •       Sign language teachers
  •       Social workers
  •       Counsellors
  •       Nutritionists
  •       Doctors
  •       Nurses
  •       And General Volunteers

All volunteers will assist in Clinics; drop INS, in schools and work alongside our team, help in our clinics in the area of basic first aid and in the area of assisting with our children with epilepsy, bed sore care and in the area of nutrition and many more.

Our heart is to see that children who have been having difficulty with feeding are able to come to a new level of healing under the care of the team and the parents are able to love and accept their children in a unique way when they no longer have such severe feeding difficulties.


Occupational therapists/ physiotherapists – who works alongside Occupational therapist in the area of assessing our children, in the area of writing project plans and training parents on how to work with their children.

Speech therapist- within Uganda there is a shortage of speech therapists; our children are in need of the attention speech therapist for support in the area of swallowing and chewing and with speech difficulties. The role of a speech therapist would be to train our staff and parents in developmental exercises and teaching our OT on how to asses and writing of programs for these children. We have seen to many children die due eating difficulties we desperately want to see this change.

Nurses – works alongside us and with our children in the area of basic medical needs and in the area of nutritional advice to parents and working alongside our malnourished children.  We also need nurses to work alongside our epileptic children.

Special needs Teachers and Teachers – works alongside our teachers within the schools, special needs teachers will be working alongside our teachers to empower them on new skills on how to work with children with disabilities.

General volunteers- works alongside our team in numbers of ways, teaching at the school, running football games for the deaf children, arts and crafts for the children, counting epilepsy pills and many more.

Program Description

Home visiting – From Monday-Wednesday we go out and visit children in the local communities and we do occupational therapy, works with the children in the areas of developmental exercise.

Activities of daily living –From Monday- Thursday, we work with the more able bodied children to help them learn how to live an active life as part of the family through teaching them skills of washing their own clothes, peeling of matooke (food) and many more.
Drop in day –   Every Thursday we run a drop in clinic where parents come to the office and asses physiotherapy, they are taught how to carry out the exercise. By bringing the parents together, they learn more and are able to support one another.

Schools work- We currently work alongside two schools (Mount Zion and Kisega primary school). We are currently sponsoring 20 children at this school (mt Zion); our heart is to see that these children learn vocational skills. We would love people to run sports and arts and crafts activities. The children would love to just spend time playing with you.

Clinics – twice a month we hold clinics, one is in Wabwoko Village where we receive over 150 patients. In addition, another clinic is next to our local office. Here we do assessment of children with disabilities, advising the patients on the right exercise and giving out of epilepsy medication. There is room for teaching health skills and basic knowledge skills of life.

The cost of volunteering with us is 15$ per day if under one month ($450 for a month) and 360$ a month if over one month stay, payments are done through www.soh.givengain.org one week before you come to help us with your preparations. Airport pick up fee $100.

Three meals a day
Wireless internet access
Transport to and from the village
Transport around the community when working.

Most organisations charge organisation fee but spring of hope encourages volunteers to decide for themselves whether to help financially, fundraising or in any way.
The organisation's funding is entirely based on friends and former volunteers who have been on ground. We value much the services rendered by individuals to SoHUG.  

Part of Teresha and Israel’s (the Spring of Hope Directors) house has been set aside for visitors; The House is; located on the great scenery of Lake Victoria waters and cool breeze from the lake and lake water view.

The house is ten minutes on bodaboda (motorbike taxi) ride away from Jinja town. At the SoHUG guest accommodation, there will be electricity and running water. (Electricity in Uganda is 240V – the plugs vary but are generally UK 3-pin type.)

The SoHUG team work Monday to Friday with the weekends off, during weekdays in the evennings, there are great excitement places, video night at flavors on a Wednesday, music at the keep on Fridays. Weekends Music at the keep on Saturdays. At such places, places are flooded with all types of missionaries from all over the world. With the Nile so near, there are lots of options and fun activities that happen such as white water rafting and kayaking. There is an option to bungy jump, quad bike or horse ride.

There also lots of great places to visit such the source of the Nile to local waterfalls. Life will not get bored if you come to Spring of Hope Uganda.
You always take a short break from volunteering to go and visit some elephants and lions at Murchison falls or Queen Elizabeth Park.

1.     For good and efficient corroborations with volunteers, they should inform us in time if they are to visit several places for reservations and to avoid disrupting our program duties and schedules.
2.    All costs will be upon the volunteers themselves if they decided to attend to any of the excitement entertainments etc.

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