Monday, 24 September 2007

Hi, this is Pip.

I am now finally getting round to posting up some messages to let you all know what is going on here. Sorry it has taken so long!
I have been here almost a month now. Time is flying by!
The team has been working well together (Mawazi, Moses, Emma and Me!) We have been splitting into two groups to go on home visits near and far. More often far! We are trying to reach as many children as possible, but there are so many, which means we only get to see them about once a month.

On the 1st and 2nd Thursdays of the month we have clinics at the the torch clinic in Kangalmira. These have been well attended for assessments and therapeutic playing with the children. However it can be a problem if it has been raining a lot as people are unable to get to the clinic easily. Please pray that parents and children are able to attend when they need to.

Last week Moses and I went to visit Besaniya in Mukono, where some of our children go to if they need orthopedic operations. It is amazing to see the work that goes on there with 'Uncle Paul' the Physiotherapist and the differences that it makes to children with conditions such as cerebral palsy, club feet, muscular dystrophy etc.

On Friday we had a prayer meeting,
Mark 12 v 29 -39
We really felt God was saying that the best thing that we are able to offer these children is love and compassion. It is so important that the parents will love their children, giving them time, food, clothing etc. and not loosing hope.

Some prayer Requests:

That God will give us grace to do the work that is needed
The God will give us love and compassion for the children and parents
That there will be strength and unity within the Spring of Hope team
For healing for children who are in hospital at the moment and are unwell
For financial provision
For protection for us as we travel on long journeys
For Teresha as she spends this time in Brazil

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