Friday, 10 July 2009

A hard clinic in Wabukwa

We hard another clinic in Wabukwa this month. It seems to be a very impacted area with a lot of needs including epilepsy medication and nutrition needs. Jonathan gave a talk on nutrition. We saw a girl who was 3 days old and was born with her knee joints backwards. Her mother brought her to our clinic day before she even took her to a hospital or doctor. We had to refer her to an organization that does surgeries for kids with physical disabilities. We also saw a girl with hydrocephalus with VERY severe pressure sores on both sides of her head from laying on her side too much. The mother was educated on how to prevent and heal the pressure sores last month, but she came back this month, and the sores were even worse. The mother has 3 other small children and her husband died, so she was saying she didn't have enough time to make sure her daughter wasn't putting pressure on the side of her head. We really had to emphasize the importance on allowing these wounds to heal. Another hard thing about the clinic was that a girl had a severe seizure during it. It's sad to think about because she was having the seizure due to lack of medication, and they were at the clinic, so that she could get the epilepsy medication.
Needs are being met at the outreach clinic, but some of the needs during this week seemed so big.. and Spring of Hope can only do so much with their limited financial resources.

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