Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Drop in days:

Question: What do you do when you receive more visitors than expected???
We are having more children come to join us on our drop in days than usual. We count it a blessing! We rejoice in every today opportunity to help these young ones. This is keeping our Thursdays busier than ever. We are praying and our wish if God's people there can see the need. therapists to join us would be a blessing from God. May be you are just reading this acticle but not listening to your heart, avoice speaking to you! I AM I THE ONE GOD'S CALLED? This is just a good chance for you to rescue the perishing and care for the dying just like the holy scripture encourages us. We all believe in the gift of love. when God sent Jesus to die for you and me, it was due to his love for us. actually we are delivering the same love to these young stars who sees the world in a different dimension.would you please grab your blessing this season by helping a child.we can all make adifference in this world today if we woke up tomorrow with a burden to give and pray as one of the greatest gift of love. 

At spring of hope, we do not underestimate the power of God that uses SoH people, a soft touch and just being around the children sharing through the act of compassion. This is a quickened healing therapy, we thank all Gods people giving to cause change in life of another person outside there! Beyond the blue skies as most imagine of this world to be.Honestly, speech therapy and physiotherapy etc mean alot to our services. Remember; if we are to love our neighbors, we must see them both with our eyes safe and sound, changed and transfomed. Have you imagined what it feel like to see another person suffer from disability? A story told is half story.

Come and join us as we empower the local communities to help their disabled children. email us at soh_uganda@yahoo.co.uk


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