Thursday, 20 October 2011


Mpanga Waswa is a boy who is five years old who has hydrocalpheus, his mother had a normal pregnancy and gave birth to twins you were born without complications. Within hours Mpanga’s birth he became sick, on medical examination, the doctor told Mama Mpanga that her child was in danger. Mpanga’s head was swelling and he was developing hydrocephalus. Mpanga needed surgery, Mama Mpanga refused due to the cost, the money she just did not have. Mpanga was sent home, as the hospital could not do anything more for him. When Mpanga was 15 months old, Mama Mpanga heard about SoH and came to SoH for help as she had lost all hope.  Mpanga was able to have the surgery he needed. Since Mpanga’s surgery, he has learnt to sit without support, learnt to talk and tell hilarious jokes. He is a very confident little boy who loves people and loves having fun.

He is now learning to stand with the help of a standing frame. The child has a special chair, when sitting in the special chair he is able to feed himself. Slowly with the help of SoH he is learning new skills and he is slowly gaining the use of his right hand. Mpanga would love to go to school and learn. 

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