Monday, 30 January 2012

January photo up date

January has been a month of many changes, 2012 for us here at Spring of Hope already feels like we are moving to the next level of growth and development.

January month started with an awareness campaign on disabilities, Parish clinics have been established and now we are able to reach to more communities than before this has led to establishment of developing new relationships with the local sub county of Kangulumira.

Awareness Campaign Friday 6th January

Mothers share their stories of having a child with a disability.

Mama Safina sharing her story with Safina on her lap

mama waswa sharing her story of raising waswa a boy with cerebral palsy

local leaders listening and learning

Home Visiting
Martin with our Occupational Therapist intern carrying out assessment

Daniel the Occupation Therapist assisting Zechariah at home

turning steps into a ramp, to ensure zechariah can work into the house without falling

Visting Amina and Mama Amina one our deaf children

reading a card to mama ruth in luganda whilst Ruth reads the card. 

 Drop in clinics

Therapy can be fun

Fred was able to be discharged, due to the fact he can now walk

Parish clinics 
The 25th of january 2012 was the first day we hosted our first parish clinic in one of the six parishes of kangulumira or vision is to have a clinic in every parish in Kangulumira. In the last few years we have realised that by just home visiting not every child is seen. So by starting parish clinics we can ensure that the children are seen and the parents recieve the right guidance which is needed for them to empower their child. During our first clinic  we recieve 58 children. We are looking forward to returning to this parish in march!! 

Mama Amina sharing her testiomoney of having a child with a disability and how SOHUG has helped her

Erin sharing the story of creation using a puppet

Explaining how spring of hope works and how we can help children with disabilities

parents and children at the parish clinic

Erin speaking on disability awareness

A girl with burns over her face due to acid burning, we now looking at how to raise money for her surgery

Formation of Parents management committee 

We believe that if they parents own the work of spring of hope in the community more of a difference is made and it will not just be us doing the work. We are excited to see what will come out of parents management committees. Our hope is they will become self suitable and they will register as an association and they might be able to apply for local grants which are available to parent associations in the district this will help with income generating and poverty aradication within their own familes.SoHug is looking for ways to develop these parent committees long term to enable the parents be able take care of their disabled children.

Each parent was asked to vote for the person they wished to represent them in their village
Our first parents management comittee, chairman and community councilors

Visting Teams
This month we have blessed with two teams from Canada one who helped us with the clinic in wabwoko. This was a very active clinic with lots of activities for the children from football to drawing pictures as well as the usual activities of physiotherapy and epilespy treatment.

The second team came to our office in Kangulumira and tranformed the garage into an OT room, we have been using a  very small space as our Occupational Therapy room. We were unable to comfortable host more than two parents in the room, we are now comfortable able to host 10 children in the OT room. 

The team helping us to count epilespy medication in wabwoko

Drop in day with the help of visitors

Painting on the wall of the Occupational Therapy room, making it fun for the children.

Making sensory mobiles
One of the many pictures which were painted onto the wall of our new Occupational Therapy room

The amazing team who transformed the garage into an Occupational Therapy room

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