Saturday, 26 May 2012

Teacher training

During the recent school holidays we decided to host a weeks teacher training, for some time we have seen that their is a need for more training to done in the area of learning disabilties and that we need a refresher course in the area of sign language.

Erin teaching special needs education and teaching skills

 On the first day one of our children turned up to help the Sentogo Steven our sign language facilator from UNAD(ugandan national association of the deaf) with  teaching the teachers how to introduce themselves it was a real blessing to have Emma come.

Learning the alphabet
Getting some extra training during the break time- shows comitment

practising signing a message to one person to another

Kisega's matron learning how to comunicate - so she can comunicate with the children who
Kisega primary school teacher practising sign language

some teachers practising sign language

At the end of the week we Steven Sentogo got each person to take an exam.


At the end of the week, certificates of attendance where given out. 

Teacher from Kisega high school with his certificate

Our friendly physio - Steve 

Our best student, he may of been young but he achieved much(a teachers child)

Certificate of appreciation to Steven Sentogo from Israel (sohug director)

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