Thursday, 21 May 2009

Mpanga Waswa's storty

Name Mpanga wasswa
Age 4yrs
Village wabukwa
Condition Hydrocephalus

My story

I was born normal, after one day I started to have serious fevers and I was admitted into a health centre. I continuously got fevers, after around 2 months my mother took me to an organization called Spring Of Hope and when they were looking at me they saw my head was growing what they said this they told me to visit a place called Mbale cure hospital. At this hospital they found me help which changed my life. My head has stopped growing, and I am learning to sit, and weight bear in standing position, I have never really liked to use my right hand so I am learning to use this. Today I was standing in this thing called a standing frame. Apparently the standing frame was made in Kangulumira town. The nice people who work there have given me a special chair to sit in; it’s made a real difference to my life.

What I like about soh is my family is being trained to do the standing exercises etc so I can do them at home, and they are also being trained on how to carry out different activities which will help to live independent life.

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