Wednesday, 20 May 2009

A word from Charles our education worker A move up in education

It was indeed a blessing for spring of hope ministry in the area of education for children who are deaf and their teachers. When their teachers did their final exams in sign language from UNAD (Ugandan national association of the deaf) on the 12th of may 2009.

This was precious time of preparations after the teachers studied for almost 2yrs. 11teachers from 2 schools new steps Natrubi and Kisega Parents School, where soh take their children with disabilities for schooling had a great time doing the national exams.

The teachers had to complete practical exams and a day of theory, Olivia the matron

of our boarding unit at New Steps received the highest marks. The teachers should receive their certificates next month. We are currently preparing another group of 16 teachers from the two schools as well as a third school in Bukeeka. After receiving the certificates the teachers have an option of doing an additional months training with UNAD then they can become sign language interpreters.

Among other things in the area of education, we are increasing our school sponsors; we know have in total 17 children sponsored. This is an exciting time, time to be able to see children who never been able to attend school before. We are still looking for another opportunity for 30 children to attend school. This year was the first time we were able to send a child to secondary school, when receiving the reports last term from school, we are very exciting to receive Ntogo Freds report, Fred a boy who is physically disabled due to polio is now attending secondary school, out of 134 he was no 17 in his year, that was quite an achievement due to the fact he was 3weeks late for school and it proves that a disability is not an inability.

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