Saturday, 13 March 2010

Experiencing the Zoo

Culture tells us that everyone is going to be miserable in this weather. No one wants to walk around all day and look at animals all day in the rain right?

"God, You are bigger then the weather, bigger then our plans and bigger then our attitudes. Lord, I give it all to you". We prayed as the taxi pulled up and the phone rang. “The children are here”.

Sixteen deaf children, two hearing children and two teachers from two different schools got off of the bus and my greeting was not nearly as exciting as one of the many free walking monkeys that came right up to them. Rain or shine those children all came with a sparkle in their eyes and a smile on their face.

The children hoped, skipped, jumped and ran from the otter, to the lions, to the rancorous’, to the gorilla’s and so many more their excitement and enthusiasm never wore off.

After our guided tour though the animals the children all ran to see a large park. “Go ahead” the teachers signed and all the children immediately found the swing sets, since they did not know how to play with the rest of the Jungle Gym. The Spring of Hope volunteers and Teachers led the children in learning how to play with the equipment.

God could have stopped the rain, and even though he chose not to, the teachers, us in Spring of Hope and most importantly the children had a day they will never soon forget.

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