Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Our last clinic at the YWAM clinic

Every first friday of the month for seven years we have been hosting a clinic at the YWAM clinic in Namwandka village, we have seen many children received treatment through this clinic and now the season ends. So we can move onto bright and better things.

This clinic has taken some twists and turns, and has development from just a small number children to many children recieivng epilespy medication and phyisotherapy treatment.
The one thing which is seen a consitenceny of this clinic is the place and our partnership with ACHERU,  who bring with them their physiotheraptist to work alongside our occuaptional theraptist Moses. 

This clinic is often where parents come who have never recieved support before,  whose children may of never seen anyone to advice them before.

This is a child who has microcalpheus and she was being assesd for the first time, her mother was advised to give her passive exercises on her legs

Much of the time is given over to reviewing the children and advising the parents on how to give developmental exercise to their children.

we are blessed to see change go on in childrens lives through this clinic

Before last friday i had never seen this child stand

three years ago this child had never been willing to interact with people or been able to walk

On Friday Namuga had her legs plastered on so that in time and after having her plastered she maybe able to walk, some of our children have also gone through this process and are now walking and playing football. One young man is at university and you would never know now that he had club foot until he was 11 years old.

Namuga is having the plaster removed from her legs, 

Having her next plaster put on after a slight manipulation of her foot leg into the right position
The new plaster on, hopefully a few plasters and then we will work on weight bearing and standing

Its a priveledge to be apart of such as an amazing work where we see childrens lives change, last week we recieved around 30 children in the area of phyisotherapy and developement execerise. 

Next month we will be continuing our clinics at our office, we are currently praying for a tent where we can host our clinics.

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