Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Dreams come true Spring of hope registered as community based organisation

For so We have been dreaming of reaching more and more children and becoming registering as a community based organisation then in time a Non goverment organisation.

Our dream came true we are now a community based organisation and we are registered in the UK as a charityCharity Reg.No.1143559, UG Reg No. 29/2011, we are currently seeing and praying how we can become a non profit in the USA and Canada.UK

Another dream come true is our website is up and running with lots more information www.springofhope.org.uk and now you can give online at www.sohug.givengain.com.

We still feel like we are dreaming, but its real and we started working on the 1st of October 2011.

Our services are much the same as they previously have been our team has taken a little transformation of the addition of Israel Karaukayo who is now the excutive director, who will be working alongside Teresha Karahukayo his wife and the founder of SoHUG.

Our first job has been to see that the repairs are done on our centre and to make sure that is in a good condition to start recieving children and parents.We are starting to fundraising for a rehabilation centre which is easily accessable for all the community and which will have a huge impact on the community and all families and people with disabilites.

We are excitely waiting for what is next and where we end up. Join us on this journey by either donating or volunteering with us.

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