Thursday, 8 December 2011

End of term trip to the zoo

On Friday 11th of November when mount Zion was preparing to go for a study tour. Everyone was excited about it some of the children had never been as far as Kampala before, for them it was amazing opportunity and an exciting adventure. The journey began at 8am; the bus was full of excitement and noisy happy children. The children were so excited at the idea of visiting the countries parliament building. 

The children spent the journey happily communicating to one another, there eyes were dancing as they saw places along the journey they had never seen before. The vehicle was full of children and the only place to put Martins wheel chair on was on top of the roof.  Martin laughed at his chair traveling on the roof and he was so excited he had never been to Kampala or beyond Kangulumira Sub County before.

First stop parliament building, the boys were all impressed with the amazing cars inside and will not stop talking about the posh cars they saw. Many of the children had never seen the city before and were not sure where to look first.
They arrived at the parliament building, so excited by the privilege of going into the building where the major the decisions of the nation are made. Emma and Eric helped Martin through into the parliament building.

Once in the parliament building Martins adventure began, he had never been in elevator before, and was a little scared but loved the experience. On each floor, he met up with his friends and they went to the different rooms debates where carried out and to different peoples offices. There were all amazed by the opportunity of going around the parliament building (Ugandans version of the houses parliament and white house).

The Member of Parliament from Ntenjeru south MP Nsanja Patrick arranged the visit.  It is incredibly hard to visit the houses of parliament without the help of a member of parliament.  The children all wanted to have their photos taken everywhere to prove they had really been to the  As the children left the parliament building they were called to the parliament gardens, where they were all bought ice creams by MP Nsanja Patrick. After there ice cream they went for photos on the steps with the MP, as they left he gave them all sweets for the journey to the zoo.

Once they reached the zoo they had lunch, they were all excited about seeing the animals so lunch was eaten quickly. As they entered the zoo, they saw a camel. The moment they saw the park they all ran towards the swings and slides, many had never been on slides before or the roundabout.  It was a challenge to get them to move on to see the animals; they saw hippos, chimpanzees, monkeys, snakes, tiger, lion, zebra, and eagle’s hyena. The children loved the animals, Amina, Martin and Emma demanded to pose with the animals, we explained they could not go in and have their photos taken inside with the animals as they were dangerous but instead they had to have their photos taken outside the enclosure.  

Watching animals

Martin wanted to go into see tortoise,

excitedly watching the animals                       

watching an white eagle

Great friends, martin and emma posing by an gorial statue


In the end, Martin had to be helped around the zoo by Eric as his wheel chair started to have problems. After seeing all the animals, some children decided to swim in Lake Victoria and others went on the playground. At around 4pm/5pm time it was time to leave the zoo and travel back to the school. Everyone went home tired but incredibly happy after such a great day. 

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