Thursday, 8 December 2011

Monthly clinic at our office

Every first friday of the month we host a clinic, since the beginning of november we have been hosting the clinic at our office.  For the last seven years we have been working alongside an organsation called ACHERU- (Affayo child health education rehabilation unit)!! There team has been an amazing blessing to us in helping us work with children who have club feet and cleft pallets.

In december over 50 children turned up to our clinic!!

Diedone registering patients and giving parents soap as a christmas present

organising names for epilespy

Parents waiting 

Child waiting to see a member of the SOH and ACHERU team

Patients waiting to see the doctor

patients on vendera

giving out epilespy medication   

Adivising the parent on how to help her son with keeping her developmental exercises

Member of ACHERU team advising parent on child's foot.

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