Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas clinic

On Friday the 9th of December, we had our last clinic of the year at Wabwoko in Kayunga district, which is 1hr 30mintues outside of Jinja.

The clinics attendance amazes us, according to our books we have 300 people registered for this clinic. Sadly, only 150 attend this clinic on a regular basis.
 We are still working hard to get parents to accept that if their child takes medication every day at the right time. Parents often delay to bring their child to a clinic; very few parents bring their child every month. They sadly find it hard to understand that it takes commitment to see an impact in their child’s life. Many parents are still looking for a one off miracle of healing in the lives of their child. Instead of learning how to manage the epilepsy.  Some parents wait two months before coming to a clinic and when the child starts having severe seizures they come back. Our monthly attendance is 150!

Betty is one patient who has decided to work hard at managing her epilepsy, every month she comes to a clinic and has committed herself to take her medication every day at the right time. On Friday she shared with the other parents, she explained she now leads a full life, and is happy and healthy. She went onto to explain that before she started taking her epilepsy medication daily she would have 5-10 seizures a day now she can through a month without a seizure and the last time was two months ago.
It is such a great encouragement for parents when they hear from someone they know and have seen before taking medication.

 Our hearts desire for 2012 is that parents will start believing that management is just as good as a cure and that it will change the child’s life forever.
We feel so humbled at the end of every year because the parents find their way to say thank you, it’s such an amazing humbling people who have nothing just want to come and bring you things to say thank you for  helping their child. It just amazes me by their generosity we do not do the work for rewards the reward is to see the difference in these people’s lives. 
patients waiting for clinic to start
chairman of parents association giving thank you speach

humbling experince of being given gifts of thank you for the work soh has done

SOH christmas presents for the patients

parent recieving soap, each book for a patient recieves one soap

preparation- coutning pills whilst we are waiting for patients to come

child with hydrocalpheus

Physiotherapy/ developemental exercise clinic

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