Monday, 31 May 2010

Nakato's transformation

On Tuesday the 25th of May, I had the privilege of going too Wabwoko home visiting with Moses our Occupational therapist. One of the children we saw that day was Nakato the last time I saw Nakato was when she had sores all over her head and was very different to how she is now.

This is Nakato’s story of transformation:

Nakato’s mother had a normal pregnancy and labor, three days after birth Nakato had a severe fever and flu. Nakato is a twin and her twin Waswa is developing well as you can see in the photo. Nakato was taken was to local clinic with syrup and after treatment was ok. Two months later her mother realized that Nakato head was growing in size in abnormal way, a stranger to the family suggested she visited to find an organization called spring of hope at the Wabwoko health center. Nakato’s mother came to the clinic, when the child came she had pressures sores all over her head and her hair was yellow instead of the natural black due to malnutrition. Nakato’s mum was taught basic education on pressure sure care and handling skills. She was advised to visit a hospital which could carry surgery on the head, which was growing due to water on the brain (hydrocephalus). After surgery the child is now doing well and she child’s head no longer has pressure sores on it. The hair is at a good color and her weight has increased, Nakato is learning too sit with help. Even though her body is still floppy there is a chance for her too have an amazing future and develop well as she was treated at a young age for hydrocephalus.

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