Wednesday, 2 June 2010

From Broken back, too business

Musa is a young man who was able to walk until he was 9 years old, one day like all young boys do he went off and climbed a mango tree. He fall out of the tree onto his back and the beginning he didn't mention anything too anyone. His friends told his parents, and his friends took him to a local hospital where he was referred to Uganda's national referral hospital in Kampala called Mulago. The doctors tried but couldn't do anything for him. He was told they couldn't help him walk again. After three months in hospital he came home, until he met SOH he had many problems with bed sores. Now his life has changed for the better, and his bed sores are being maintained.


  • Since 2005 he has been receiving support from SOH, SOH has been able to assist in the area of pressure sore care. There is now a great improvement in this area, he now has a wheelchair, a large mattress and thanks too a volunteer Emlylee Pinero he now has an income generating business (IGB) of mending shoes. Through the IGB he has been able too buy himself a bed; he is planning to buy himself a cow very soon. It is exciting too see that he is becoming an independent young man with a bright future. We would like too see that he has a tricycle so that he does not need someone too push his chair too his business. It is amazing too see how far this young man come, as SOH we feel after we have bought him a tricycle (450,000= £150) we would of finished our job with him as the family is now able too maintain the pressure sores.

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